Motivation to help you lose weight

The motivation to lose weight is not just a picture of a super slim model in the fridge. A good attitude to lose weight is everyone’s business, and this is not an easy task. Often in their books they offer something that is not very suitable for a particular person, which is why most of us can not "sit" on a diet, getting used to constant physical activity. However, psychologists have long studied the general patterns of motivation, and today we will try to apply this knowledge for weight loss.

Motivation of emotional stress

see a dietitian for weight loss

This motivation is illustrated in the work of nutritionists and their supporters. It will suit girls who are obsessed with their looks, fashion, and everyone who has given up on themselves and life.

According to him, you need to convince yourself to lose weight for the sake of your health. This motivational technique is quite effective for weight loss. It helps to highlight the main thing that you are struggling with excess weight, and divert your attention from unhealthy ways to lose weight to normal, recommended by doctors. Step -by -step instructions for motivation:

  1. Get tested, ask your doctor to tell you in detail about the health risks caused by being overweight.
  2. Think about what you can and cannot do if your weight increases and your health deteriorates. Believe me: following a short -term diet without switching to a healthy and rational diet guarantees weight gain.
  3. Understand: you need to lose weight for health, to be active and strong for as long as possible.
  4. Choose a weight loss plan recommended by a certified dietitian and follow it.
  5. Don’t "show off" your first results. Track the improvement in well -being, continue to lose weight according to your own plan, until the results are achieved.

Rational motivation for effective weight loss

girl keeps a weight loss diary

This technique belongs to cognitive therapist D. Beck, it is suitable for those who like to control everything, plan, write lists, set goals.

  1. Make a list of things you can do after you lose weight but still can’t do it. Write whatever you want here, from essentials like having a baby to small whims like buying a lace mini skirt.
  2. Write the most important things from this list on a card you always carry with you and read from time to time.
  3. Before each meal, be sure to re -read your motivation card.
  4. Set specific goals for yourself, but don’t associate them with weight. For example, this one: "I’ll stop adding sugar to drinks, I’ll eat cake for lunch, I’ll bring healthy snacks with me to the office, and I’ll do all of this before the end of October. " The goal may also beto follow a diet.
  5. Write a separate activity for your goal of achieving it, this will be the task. So, for example, if your goal is to drink coffee without sugar instead of sweet, the task on Monday is to reduce 1 tablespoon, on Tuesday - 2, on Wednesday - replace the remaining sugar with tablets of stevia extract, and like.
  6. Try not to overload yourself and your body, don’t set many goals at once. For weight loss, it is optimal - 2 or 3 goals for 1 month, so that you can return or acquire healthy habits.
  7. Write specific goals, tasks, activities in a special notebook. Draw half sheets, fill in columns, call them "plans" and "facts".

Visualization for weight loss

Visualization is the visual representation of something. Desire visualization is a mental picture of what is desired. Visualizing your body as you wish forces your subconscious mind to align your body with the mental image you have created as much as possible.

This technique is taken from the positive psychological system of A. Sviyash and L. Hay. Ideal for visual, creative people who can afford to be inspired by beauty, not health.

pictures of slender girls as motivation to lose weight

How to lose weight with this motivation:

  1. In the brightest detail, think about how happy and exciting you will be living after losing weight.
  2. Sit at a desk and write a motivational story in the first person about what you will do after losing weight.
  3. You can create an entire magazine photo collage, capturing this photo story about your future life.
  4. Looking in the mirror, convince yourself that you deserve a beautiful and energetic life.
  5. Start doing everything as if you have lost weight. If you dream to go on a trip - go ahead now, if you want to update your wardrobe - buy some stylish things.
  6. Re -read your story about a slim life in the morning and evening, back up with dreams.
  7. Imagine yourself thinner or use a collage of yourself thinner for this purpose.
  8. "Scroll" the visualization as soon as you start getting lazy in the morning to exercise or feel the urge for a snack.
  9. Choose the most natural weight loss method for you.

Here we have analyzed the most popular motivations for weight loss, these are:

  • emotional stress;
  • rational;
  • visualization.

The choice, as always, is yours.