Directions for use Bentolit

How to get a drink Bentolit

    The application of clay Bentolit
  1. Pour into a glass 2 tablespoons of the powder with the slide;
  2. Pour into a capacity of 200 ml, of purified water or skim milk;
  3. Mix together, let sit for about 10 minutes, once again mix;
  4. Drink 1 time a day, regardless of the meal, preferably in the morning.

For the convenience of the mud and fluid that you are able to mix in a cocktail shaker.

Packaging Bentolit (pop-up drink for weight loss, with the level of bentonite clay, which can be purchased in Bulgaria, which was embedded in the detailed instructions. Prior to the implementation of the drink, you need to read the description of the drug.

Indications and contra-indications for the use of the Bentolit

A Super drink for weight loss with a grade of bentonite clay could be used in accordance with the instruction manual. People with diseases of the internal organs, it is best to consult with your doctor.